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Thoughts About Art

I read about artists, particularly painters and sculptors almost every week. I am an avid reader of the New York Times but I also read a great deal of non-fiction, philosophy, and historical pieces. Without realizing it, I have become drawn to artists and the philosophy and inspiration behind their work. William de Kooning says, “You have to change to stay the same.” French sculptor and painter, Jean Dubuffet said, “There is only one healthy diet for artistic creation: permanent revolution. Kooning, Dubuffet, and other artists have expressed a disdain for labels or being known as part of a “movement.” I also feel pushed to identify myself with a particular theoretical orientation or being known for my “specialty” in counseling. I just want to be a good counselor with each and every person I encounter and that is how I want to be remembered. Picasso was one of the first artists to portray his work in different points of view, which is often called Cubism. Counseling is an artform because we are often helping others to see things in new ways…not always easy! I must always change and adapt to be a good counselor, which is what I think Kooning was expressing….if you want to remain a good artist, you must reinvent yourself every once in a while.

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